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Who we are

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OSI® was born on the jobsite. We were developed by a group of tradesman that sought better performance from the products they were using every day. Their experience and persistence helped build one of the toughest portfolios of construction sealants, adhesives, foams and tapes available in the industry – products that stand-up to the elements and provide long-lasting protection.

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But we are more than the products we create. We are a brand that believes in empowering our customers and end-users with both knowledge and technical expertise. Because to truly achieve a better install, and to make structures perform at their very best, we must deliver the support and education professional installers are looking for – answers and solutions to the problems they encounter every day. That is how we ensure every structure is “Tougher Than The Elements.”

You can still find us out in the field. Our brand representatives, trainers, building science experts and product development teams are working side-by-side and listening intently to our customers. We also partner with other top industry manufacturers to ensure that the products and knowledge we deliver go beyond the theoretical. We provide tested, proven solutions backed by both scientific data and real-world application outcomes. This is how we’ve earned the trust of our many customers and the recommendation of other major brands like Therma-Tru Doors, James Hardie, and Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors.

We recognize that the world is changing every day, and that the consumer has different expectations of their home, work environments and the places they visit. We will continue to leverage our relationships with builders, remodelers, tradesman and other industry leaders to meet these demands. We will continue to show that the construction trades’ potential to meet a building challenge may have no bounds. And years from now, we will still be here to help recruit, nurture, inspire and equip the next generation of building professionals with the products and knowledge they need to harden the legacy provided by You – “The Toughest”.

Born On The Jobsite — Fueled By Pros.
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