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The Toughest

Toughness isn’t something you can define: it’s something you experience. It’s a story that’s told in actions and attitude. It’s also at the heart of the professional tradespeople who use and trust OSI products. That’s why we built The Toughest Series. These are your stories, and they go beyond words on a package. They honor what you do to get the job done: long days, hard weather, no stopping. You’re working through the elements when no one else can, and we’re right there with you. You get projects done right the first time and take pride in every quality finish. We get it, because doing things right is our passion too.

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osi the toughest gloria profile

After 18 years in construction, nothing phases Gloria. When insulation needs to go in, she’s there – on her stilts and on her feet for 12+ hours a day getting it done. As she sees it, construction is hard work. But working hard is what brings you a better life. Now, she’s teaching her daughter the ropes. From one generation to the next, the toughest like Gloria keep America strong.

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osi the toughest kyle profile

You think you’ve got tough weather? Kyle works in the heart of rain country: the Pacific Northwest. He started learning the trades at a young age, committing to the field when he was just 16 years young. Now, he’s built a thriving business and loyal crew that isn’t afraid of a little Oregon weather. He loves the daily challenges almost as much as he hates callbacks.

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osi the toughest john profile

Is it tough working a 14-hour day? Sure, but you’ll never find John complaining or sitting down. Using resiliency, a 4 a.m. alarm, and the attitude of a former Army Sergeant, he’s getting the job done in Atlanta for North Georgia Replacement Windows. Suck it up, power through – and don’t cut corners; that’s how you prove your worth.

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If you, or someone you know has a compelling story to tell, please contact us at OSITough@henkel.com. We believe that bringing awareness to these individuals, the lives they live and the great work that they do, is increasingly important to the long-term sustainability of the industry. We want to ensure generations of tradesmen and women have role models and mentors to emulate and aspire to. Help us keep “The Toughest” going.