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OSI not only offers the best products, but also the best information. Ensure long-term durability by following our Installation Best Practices Guide, detailing proper application techniques and tips for optimal results.

Protect Your Work

Prevent sealant failure. Follow these proper best practices and sealant application tips from OSI to ensure long-term durability and the best looking results.

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Did you know tooling actually weakens sealant performance, which can lead to sealant failure? OSI not only brings you the best products, we also provide the best information. Our Installation Best Practices Guide shows you all the right sealant application techniques for applying QUAD MAX to cladding.

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Tooled Bead
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Misapplied Bead
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Jobs Gone Wrong

Unlock even more potential with our Certified Training Program

Introducing the OSI Certified Training Program, brought to you by OSI Tough. Elevate your sealant and adhesive application skills with our comprehensive education program designed to ensure superior results and long-lasting durability in your projects. Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? Enroll now, become a certified OSI Tough professional and look forward to:

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  • https://dm.henkel-dam.com/is/image/henkel/image-us-osi-sealants-quad-max-1a
    A Perfect Storm

    Daily cycles of wet fog and dry desert heat provide installers with many challenges. 

Install With Confidence – Get Ongoing Knowledge and Support From the Professionals at OSI®.​