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OSI offers training that combines state-of-the-art building science and techniques with an easy, user-driven process to help installers raise their game. Learn how your installs can make the building envelope stand up to the elements longer and more reliably. And get additional benefits, including a powerful 15-year Limited Warranty*, to protect your work and your reputation. OSI training, it’s the one thing the elements can’t beat.

The OSI Certified Training Program, for window and door, offers four different learning paths for new and replacement installations. It’s a great, quick way to upskill your crews and ensure they have the expertise and knowledge needed to get the job done right.​

​The program can be completed online at the installers own pace, or you can arrange for an in-person team training on the jobsite or at your office/warehouse location. The curriculum is robust and includes topics like:​

  • Window & Door Flashing Installation Protocols​

  • Building Envelope Overview​

  • Joint & Bead Basics​

  • Five Critical Objectives​

  • OSI Window & Doors System


Proper sealant on hardboard siding installations requires a skilled hand, sometimes with years of practice and jobsite​

experience. OSI has developed a quick program to get you and your team off to a great start. Our in-person training involves some foundational techniques, tips and tricks​

that help any installer avoid beginner mishaps and long-term bad habits.​

  • Product selection & color matching​

  • Surface and install prep​

  • Proper bead size and application​

  • Clean-up protocols

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Install With Confidence – Get Ongoing Knowledge and Support From the Professionals at OSI®.​