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North Georgia Tackles Big Challenges with OSI

When you think of tough places to build, North Georgia doesn’t come to mind. But Ted Kirk of North Georgia Replacement Windows would disagree. “It’s one of the toughest climates to build in — we get more annual rainfall than Seattle, we have a lot of heat and humidity and moisture content, and a lot of vast temperature changes.”

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He’d also tell you that dealing with that tough environment can be a lot easier with a good partner. Here’s what he had to say about OSI QUAD® MAX window sealant:

“The conditions in North Georgia are one challenge — they cause a lot of expansion and contraction in construction materials that can undermine your work. Another is the intense competition in the window business and the shoddy work done by some folks trying to make a quick buck. Both of those make it harder to build a business known for quality work.

“At North Georgia Replacement Windows, we’ve made a conscious decision to use the best, work with the best and hire the best. We use the very best products, like Infinity from Marvin, the best windows you can get. We use the very best sealant for windows, like OSI QUAD MAX, foam, sealant and butyl flashing. We hire the very best installers, and train them in the very best procedures. And then we back that up with the best service you can find in the industry.

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“OSI has been a tremendous partner for us. Before we started using OSI QUAD MAX, we had to stock several different sealants — one for interior, one for exterior; different sealants for masonry or stucco application. They really simplify the process by just creating the best window sealant/caulking on the market that we can use for indoor or outdoor applications.

“And with OSI, we know that we can do it right the first time and not have to come back again. It makes the project look nicer, it makes it perform better and with our climate and our vast temperature changes and heat and humidity that we deal with, that's very important.

“Beyond the product, they provide training in building science and methodology so we can rest assured that not only are we using the best materials, we're using them correctly. If we ever run into a question or have something we need checked out, they’re on the spot, and they really investigate it from a technical standpoint.

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“OSI has also provided us materials that we've been able to customize and disseminate in the marketplace to let people know that, hey, we are different — we are using better methods and procedures, we are using better materials. That's helped to separate us from our average competition.

“At the end of the day, our reputation is on the line, and we couldn't do what we do without the partners that we have supplying our windows and supplying our materials, and our guys out on the job.”

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