QUAD Window & Door System


The new QUAD Window & Door System picks up where the WINTeQ System left off, delivering the toughest sealant, foam and butyl flash tape ever developed. Led by the new QUAD Max, the revolutionary 3-in-1 interior, exterior, and bedding sealant, the QUAD Window & Door System is the ultimate barrier against air and moisture.


  • The Toughest Barrier Against Air & Moisture
  • Maximize Energy Efficiency & Performance
  • For Both New & Replacement Windows
  • Backed by 15-Year Warranty Available For New Construction if You are an OSI Certified Installer
  • QUAD MAX Exterior, Interior & Bedding Sealant Delivers Superior Performance
  • QUAD Foam Low Pressure, Closed Cell Window Installation Foam Delivers Superior Protection
  • Butyl Flash Rubberized Self Adhering Flashing Tape Provides Weather Tight Seal