Quad® Foam

Window & Door Insulating Foam Sealant


  • Part of the OSI QUAD Window & Door System
  • Low Pressure / Low Expansion - Will Not Warp or Deform Windows and Doors
  • Quick Setting Formulation- Can be Cut or Trimmed in Less than 1 hour
  • Cold Temperature Application (14ºF)
  • Insulation Value R5/inch
  • Closed Cell Structure Does Not Absorb Moisture
  • Flexible/Will Not Crack or Dry Out


  • 21.1 oz (1 lb 5.1 oz) 598 g


  • Tan (IDH 1866185)

Clean Up

  • OSI Foam Clean

A single component, minimal expansion and low pressure polyurethane foam sealant specifically designed for use with the OSI QUAD® Window & Door System or sealing gaps and cracks, holes and voids around windows and doors.


Recommended For

QUAD Foam is part of the QUAD Window & Door System and is used to insulate and seal around windows and door frames.  It can also be used for jambs, mud sills, header joints, corner joints, top plate penetrations, electrical and plumbing penetrations and other areas where air infiltration or heat loss may occur.  Bonds most building materials including vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, OSB, PVC, concrete and metal.


For Best Results

QUAD Foam is not a fire stopping material and should not be used in areas that require fireproof or fire stopping materials.  Urethane foams are adversely affected by sunlight (UV light). Exposed foam must be coated with a protective covering or coating.  Do not store window and door foam sealant on its side. Does not bond to polyethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)/Teflon or siliconized surfaces.  For cold weather applications, product should be stored above 41°F (5°C) at least 12 hours before application.



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