Ted Kirk is in a tough market. Good thing he's got an even tougher partner.

North Georgia is an extremely competitive market. Find out how partnering with OSI helps Ted Kirk protect his company's reputation.

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The sealant secrets you need for prefinished colored cladding.

Prefinished colored cladding delivers a great look to your siding installs. Here’s how to keep it that way when you apply the sealant.

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Everything Mother Nature doesn't want you to know about cladding joints.

Do you know what you need to know to make sure your cladding joints are done right and perform well? Now you do…

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Fillet Sealant Beads. Putting Mother Nature in a Corner.

The best installers know how to cover all the angles. Which means they know how to lay a good fillet bead. If you don’t, you’ll definitely want to read this article.

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Secure your building envelope with proper bedding sealant beads.

Do you know what kind of sealant joint actually does double duty in a building envelope? Paul Majka does. And he’s here to tell you all about it.

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The OSI Application Center: All the sealant and adhesive technologies you need under one very badass roof.

It all started as a center for customer innovation. It's turned into a proving ground for toughness. See how the new OSI Application Center is making building envelopes tougher than the elements.

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Foam Insulation: Looks soft. Works hard.

Think you know foam? Not like our Product Application Specialist, John D. Find out everything you need to know about this versatile, hardworking material.

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How could we possibly top a 53' semi truck? With a 27" touchscreen.

Last year’s IBS showcased our all new roadshow, featuring the new QUAD MAX. This year, we’re introducing an all new interactive window install challenge. It’s part training. Part gaming. And all tough. Check it out.

John D is one tough dude. But we found something tougher

Our John D is as tough as they come. He can take it all -- ice, snow, rain and heat. But habanero? Well, that’s a different story...

Certified Tough Series: Doug Scarlett

Doug Scarlett knows what makes windows fail. Because he diagnoses them for a living. Now you can find out what contractors are doing wrong. Here.

We can make any color. So you can make more green.

Our online color match tool makes it easy to match more than 4,600 colors from dozens of manufacturers.

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It’s always the soft, fluffy ones you’ve got to watch out for.

We all know heat, ice and rain can wreak havoc on a building. But FOG? This fascinating case shows it’s not just Mother Nature’s extremes you have to protect against. And figuring out how to deal with them takes real detective work.

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A heartfelt holiday greeting.

Where we at OSI share our softer side. Not.

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What happens in Vegas...

Ever wished somebody would make an interactive training tool that plays like Fallout 4? No? Good, because we didn’t. But we did make one that will help you become a window installation pro. Visit us at the 2016 International Builders’ Show in the Show Village to experience it for yourself.

QUAD® Foam: No matter how you put it in, it keeps Mother Nature out.

QUAD Foam can now be applied with either a straw or a gun.

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We don’t make tools. But if we did, we’d make these.

Our sealants are flat-out tough. So we love other things that are tough. Here are six of our favorite tough tools.

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See how far QUAD® MAX has come in a year. Literally.

It’s been a great first year for QUAD MAX, highlighted by our launch tour with the OSI Roadshow. See highlights from the first year. Here

More honors for QUAD® MAX. More sorrow for Mother Nature.

Following hands-on reviews of thousands of products, QUAD MAX was selected to be a "Top 100 Product" from This Old House magazine. The fifth annual list, which is featured in the November/December 2015 issue (and online), celebrates the 100 best new home products of the year. We’re thrilled. And Mother Nature’s curling into a fetal position.

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Try one of these great Fall beers. Or, if Mother Nature’s been really nasty, try ‘em all.

Nothing eases the sting of colder, wetter weather like a smooth Fall beer. Check out some our favorites. Here

First, we schooled Mother Nature. Next up: the NFL.

Three OSI employees share their top fantasy football picks and sleepers for the upcoming football season.

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We already knew Mother Nature is no match for QUAD® MAX. Now we know the media isn’t, either.

Qualified Remodeler put QUAD MAX to the test at the 2015 International Builders’ Show. To say we passed with flying colors is an understatement.

Check out five short videos highlighting QUAD MAX’s performance here.   




How Home Building and Sealants Have Evolved to Stand Tough Against the Elements

Changes in consumer demands and the evolution of building materials and regulations have led to advancements in home building that improve performance against Mother Nature’s unending challenges. The changes also require more progressive learning and expertise from today’s contractors and manufacturers.

Learn more here.

If Mother Nature can’t even stop you from building a house, there’s no way she can stop you from building a business.

You know what they say — living well is the best revenge. Get back at Mother Nature by building a thriving business that lets you live well, despite what she throws at you. Check out these five tips from For Residential Pros to help you grow your remodeling business, connect with current and prospective customers and get a leg up on the competition.  

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A Taste-Tested Recipe for Homemade Beef Jerky

Neil Strauss, author of Emergency, the best-selling book about apocalypse-proofing your life, set out to find the perfect recipe for homemade beef jerky. After extensive research surrounding the ins and outs of dehydrating food, he landed on the perfect recipe, which won numerous taste-tests with everyone from hard-core survivalists to the nation’s top chefs. The secret? It’s a combination of the dehydration techniques and flavoring.

If you want to try it for yourself, you can find the recipe here.  

Sealants and Windows Stick Together In OSI/JELD-WEN Partnership

Henkel's OSI brand of sealants and adhesives officially made its alliance with window and door company JELD-WEN in 2014 to address high-volume window installation through various resources, including training surrounding advanced window installation techniques. Great news for contractors and home owners. For Mother Nature, not so much. Learn more about it here.    

Professional Remodeler Takes You Inside the OSI Roadshow

Professional Remodeler took a look inside the OSI QUAD® MAX interactive displays at the 2015 IBS Show Village. Thanks to the magic of video, you can too. Check it out, then find a roadshow near you to experience it first-hand.



Take Your Next Fishing Trip to a New Level

Planning a fishing trip? Field and Stream put together a list of the latest and greatest gear to make your next trip better than ever. Take a look and decide what you’ll add to your fishing arsenal.



Five YouTube Channels for Every Contractor

YouTube can be everybody’s favorite distraction, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Check out our favorite YouTube channels geared specifically to address the needs of pros. 

OSI Roadshow Gives Contractors Firsthand View of QUAD® MAX and QUAD® FOAM at Work

Attendees at the OSI Roadshow get to see firsthand what makes QUAD MAX and QUAD FOAM the best window installation products, with live, hands-on demos that bring to life several outstanding performance features and benefits. The OSI Roadshow brings these products, which are the heart of the QUAD Window & Door System, directly to professional window, door and siding installers at more than 190 dealer locations nationwide. Check out these demo videos and find a roadshow near you.



Critical elements of window flashing

Exterior wall systems have changed a lot in the last 20 years as industry best practices have evolved around a stronger understanding of the laws of physics relative to air and moisture movement and drying. OSI’s in-house applications engineer, Paul Majka, sheds light on advancements surrounding window flashing, which is at the forefront of these wall system changes, and details four critical elements of proper window flashing installation.

Construction Industry News: Vets Welcome

Chances are, the guy installing exterior window trim next to you on the jobsite is a military veteran. You may even be, as well. That’s because today, construction is one of only four sectors where the percentage of veterans employed exceeds the percentage of non-veterans. So if you’re looking to grow your workforce, consider military veterans. Learn more from the National Association of Home Builders

Keep those dogs from barking

If there’s one thing you can count on at the jobsite, it’s lousy conditions. And when you’re on your feet all day, boots that can hold up to anything Mother Nature can dish out aren’t just nice to have. They’re a necessity. Gear Patrol lists all the best boots for working in wet, cold, sloppy conditions.