Protect Your Work

Prevent sealant failure. Follow these proper best practices and sealant application tips from OSI to ensure long-term durability and the best looking results.

Did you know tooling actually weakens sealant performance, which can lead to sealant failure? OSI not only brings you the best products, we also provide the best information. Our Installation Best Practices Guide shows you all the right sealant application techniques for applying QUAD MAX to cladding.

Incorrect Applications

Tooled Bead
Misapplied Bead
Jobs Gone Wrong

Sealant Application How-To Videos

Don't Tool QUAD MAX

See why you should not tool QUAD MAX and how you can fix it if you do.

How to End a Sealant Bead

Learn the proper way to end a sealant bead at the end of a joint or continue a sealant bead that ran out.

Do Not Use QUAD MAX as a Nail Hole Filler

Learn what manufacturers recommend for filling nail holes in prefinished cladding.

Building a Practice Board

Build a practice board to help you perfect your sealant application technique.

Surface Preparation

Learn the right way to prep a cladding surface before applying QUAD MAX sealant.

Application Preparation

Make sure your QUAD MAX cartridge is prepared for the best application.

Proper Application

See the proper gun technique for applying QUAD MAX sealant.


Learn how to make sure your tools are clean after application.