SF450+ Polyurethane

High Strength Polyurethane Subfloor Adhesive


  • 2X Strength vs. Regular Subfloor Adhesive
  • 2x Yield with 1/4" Pre-Cut Nozzle (86 linear ft. vs. 38 linear ft.)
  • Bridges Minor Framing Gaps
  • Adheres to Wet, Frozen & Treated Lumber
  • Helps Reduce Squeaky Floors


  • 28 fl oz (828 ml)


  • Tan (IDH 1943974)

Clean Up

  • Mineral Spirits.  SF450+ must be removed mechanically once cured.  Solvents have little effect on cured SF450+.

Recommended For

OSI SF450+ Polyurethane can be used in most interior and exterior construction projects either on the job or the production line. It bonds all wood to wood assemblies dry, wet or frozen. Primarily designed for on-site bonding of subfloor and plywood decking to joists during cold weather. OSI SF450 Heavy Duty is suitable for subfloor, glued floor systems, tongue-and-groove flooring, standard wood construction, concrete, masonry, and wood-to-wood assemblies. Ideal for use in prefab or modular construction.

For Best Results

Not for use on expanded or extruded polystyrene foam, gaps that are greater than 0.060 inches will require a larger bead of adhesive. There are a wide variety of treatments for wood that can affect adhesive performance, an adhesion test is suggested prior to full application. Not for use on polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or flexible PVC, bitumen coated surfaces, tub surrounds and other solid sheet goods made from rigid polystyrene. Not suitable for permanent water immersion.

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