QUAD Foam Gun or Straw

Window & Door Foam Sealant


  •  Low Foam Pressure/Low Expansion – will not warp or deform windows and doors
  • Convenient Gun or Straw Application
  • Quick Setting Formulation – can be cut or trimmed in less than 1 hour
  • Cold Temperature Application (14°F)
  • Insulation Value of R5/inch
  • Closed Cell Structure Does Not Absorb Moisture
  • Flexible/Will Not Crack or Dry Out


  • 16 fl oz (453g)


  • Tan (IDH 1927125)

Clean Up

  • OSI Foam Clean

A single component, minimal expansion and low pressure polyurethane foam sealant specifically designed for use with the OSI QUAD® Window & Door System or sealing gaps and cracks, holes and voids around windows and doors.


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