Fiberglass Reinforced Panel Adhesive


  • Specially Formulated for Fiberglass Reinforced Panel Installation
  • Easy to Trowel and Cures to a Strong, Flexible Bond
  • High Initial Grab Minimizes Panel Slippage
  • 30 Minute Repositioning Time Allows for Correction of Misaligned Materials
  • Will Not Etch, Damage or Burn Through Plastic or Foam Panels; No Flashing or Venting is Required
  • Water-Based Adhesive: Non-Flammable, Low Odor and Easy Soap and Water Clean-Up for Uncured Adhesive


  • 1 gallon pail (IDH 827653)
  • 3.5 gallon pail (IDH 827655)
  • 5 gallon pail (IDH 827654)


  • White

Clean Up

  • Soap and Water

Recommended For

FRP555 Latex FRP Adhesive is specifically designed for FRP panel installation. Ideal for interior construction needs, such as gluing FRP plastic panels to plywood, drywall, plaster, concrete or other structurally sound porous surfaces. It is also suitable for use with polystyrene wall panels and insulating foam panels. Can be used for other general purpose construction applications.


For Best Results

Not recommended for bonding FRP panels to metal, plastic, sealed concrete, ceramic tile, high gloss enameled surfaces or other non-porous substrates.  Not recommended for bonding two non-porous surfaces together.   At least one surface must be porous. Not suitable for gluing plastic bathroom accessories, such as shelves and soap dishes, to tub surrounds or tile.  Not suitable for use on bowed or bent panels.  Not suitable for bonding FRP panels to cement board or fire-treated plywood.


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