QUAD Foam - Window & Door Foam Sealant


  • Tough Against All the Weather: Flexible, closed-cell structure blocks out air and moisture with an insulation value of R5/inch and won’t crack or dry out
  • QUAD® Window & Door System: Use in conjunction with OSI QUAD MAX and OSI Butyl Flash for the toughest air and moisture barrier to maximize energy efficiency—system backed by 15-year limited warranty for certified installers
  • Low Foam Pressure: Low expansion will not warp, deform, or bow windows or doors
  • Versatile: Cold temperature application (14ºF) and bonds most building materials including vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, OSB, PVC, concrete and metal.  Use with foam gun
  • Quick-Setting Formulation: Sets in just 10 minutes and can be cut or trimmed in less than 1 hour
  • OSI Support & Training: OSI offers online and offline resources like best practice guides, installation training, and the OSI Certified Installer Program to protect your work and make it last longer

Keep Mother Nature at bay with OSI® QUAD® Foam. 

This single component, minimal expansion and low-pressure polyurethane foam sealant specifically designed for use with the OSI QUAD Window & Door System or sealing gaps and cracks, holes and voids around windows and doors. 

OSI QUAD Foam features a flexible closed-cell structure that blocks out air and water without cracking or drying out and provides an R factor of 5 per inch of cured foam for maximizing energy efficiency. The low-foam pressure and low expansion ensures your windows and doors will not bow or warp. 

It adheres to all types of building materials including wood, concrete, and drywall and is compatible with asphalt and butyl flexible flashing. It complies with all Federal and State VOC regulations.