PVC Trim is an easy way to improve the appearance of a home’s exterior. But PVC expands and contracts with changes in temperature, requiring an installation that can stand up to added stress. As market demands are constantly changing with new innovative materials, PVC trim install methods become even more important to ensure a durable result.


The OSI® PVC Trim Adhesive Installation System is designed to increase the performance of the install while adding beauty and a professional finish to the home’s exterior. A proper installation utilizing the OSI PVC Trim Installation system will minimize the movement that occurs due to changes in temperature and help maintain a long lasting quality installation. The OSI® PVC Trim Installation System features innovative fastening and sealing products along with a contractor training program designed specifically for cellular PVC trim installation.


OSI® PVC Trim Mount is a mounting adhesive specifically designed to fasten cellular PVC trimboard to the exterior of a home.  OSI® PVC Trim Bond is a premium performance miter and scarf joint adhesive, that provides a permanent durable bond to prevent joint separation, while offering gap filling capabilities. OSI® PVC Trim Fasteners are screws & plugs that feature the virtually invisible Cortex™ concealed fastening system providing the professional finish that homeowners expect. For that final touch, OSI® QUAD® MAX window, door and siding sealant is perfectly color matched to over 4,600 building manufacturers’ materials.



The First Complete & Compatible PVC Trim Installation System